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Witech MD868W25-1AS provides a quick, simple and cost effective way to set up an Automatic Meter Reading system (AMR). This system provide the automatic reading of the consumptions, diagnostic and status data from metering devices (water, gas, electric) and exchange data between meter nodes and a central database for billing, troubleshooting and remote control.


The Witech modules conected to the supplies complete a bidirectional radio network that allows the transmission of the consuption datas, alarms and notifications from the meters to the supplier's office.

WITECH metering system uses an unplanned radio network in a free band offering high quality and reliability in the comunications.

Its main functions are:

The metering network is centralized in an access point or a server that has the capacity of 2.000 meters. The functions of this equipment are:

Description of the sistem

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Radio network in an ISM band of free use. Significant reduction of expenditure data.



Technical Specifications:

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